San Diego zoo debuts energy storage

It converts sunlight into energy, charges electric vehicles and delivers access power to the grid. And it keeps your car cool while you go feed the elephants. The newly unveiled parking lot at San Diego zoo has solar canopies that can produce up to 90kW of electricity, five car-charging stations and the possibility to deliver energy to the grid. Best of all, it has two lithium-polymer storage units, with a total capacity of 100kW.

According to an article on the KPBS site, the energy storage element is a first for this type of project. And the installation has so impressed the University of California in San Diego that it is considering building a similar power hub on campus.


US$1.2m for carbon nano-materials research

27 September 2012
The National Science Foundation has handed Clemson University, USA, physics professor Apparao Rao a $1.2m grant to look into using carbon nano-materials for energy storage.Rao will lead a team of Clemson and University of California-San Diego researchers in search of a new generation of electrochemical capacitors, with applications “ranging from household power tools to energy management and conservation,” he says.